Our program is based on scientifically sound principles as found in professional journals; not fads, trends, or emotions.

What can you expect when you visit us?
1. New patients are asked for their information.
2. Then you will be worked up by a MA which includes vital signs and a computerized body analysis. You will be asked to provide recent lab values from your primary care provider. We will otherwise give you a lab request for you to obtain tests from the lab of your choice.
3. Next you will be give a brief exam by the MD or NP. They will answer any pertinent questions and instruct you specifically in what must be done for success.
4. We accept CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER credit cards. (We do not accept personal or third-party checks.)

5. Ths initial visits are $100.00 dollars and include a four week supply of the selected appetite suppressant prescription. Monthly refills are available.