Our program is based on scientifically sound principles as found in professional journals; not fads, trends, or emotions. The back-bone of our program includes a big helping of dietary education, appropriate prescriptions which include appetite suppressants and B12 injections. We also have a nice selection of nutritional supplements, food snacks, drinks, soup and shakes.

What can you expect when you visit us?
New patients are asked for their information and are shown a 14 minute DVD about the program.
All patients, new and follow-up, are then worked up by our MA which includes vital signs and a computerized body analysis.
Finally, the doctor or nurse practitioner will do a brief exam, answer any questions you may have and develop your plan for the next four weeks.
Certain lab tests will need to be obtained. We can draw them here, or you can obtain from your personal care provider or we can send you to a free standing lab collection site. Charges for labs drawn here are very reasonable as are all aspects of our program.

We provide you with a properly coded receipt if you with to file with your own insurance.

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and CARE-CREDIT credit cards.

Follow-up can be at the patients' discretion. We do not 'lock' you in to any contracts or pre-payment plans. For best results we do advise monthly evaluations to assess your progress and make any clearly needed adjustments.

The initial and follow-up visits are $75.00 and includes a four week supply of Phentermine for those who qualify for it. (There are additional charges for injections and nutrition products.)